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In just a few years, WED Donau-City Gesellschaft mbH [WED Vienna Danube Region Development Corporation JSC] has succeeded in creating a second modern Vienna city centre in addition to the historic Old Town of Vienna. About 100 companies, amongst them major international corporate groups such as GE Capital, Unisys and Bauholding Strabag SE, have made the Donau-City their home, while Tech Gate Vienna has been occupied by renowned high-tech companies.

Approximately 8,500 people are living between the UNO City and the Danube even today. This number will rise to about 15,000 once the final construction stage has been completed.

The Donau-City site is located next to the Reichsbrücke access ramp as well as to the Danube Bank Motorway and possesses two direct connections to the motorway network. Vienna International Airport is only about 20 minutes away. The site's unique location close to the waterfront and to the adjoining recreational areas of the Danube Island, the Danube Park and the Old Danube make the VIENNA DC one of Europe's most exciting urban development areas.

The Donau-City covers a total area of 18.5 hectares on which approximately 1.93 million m³ of building space will be constructed, corresponding to a gross floor space of ca. 550,000 m². At present, almost more than two thirds have been completed and commercialised. Because of the swift progress being made, WED AG commissioned French architect Dominique Perrault to conceiver a new master plan for the remaining building lots. The central element of this plan is the shaping of the undeveloped core area and the transition zone leading to the New Danube. In this endeavour, the construction of Vienna's tallest tower is of major importance. This attractive horizontal expansion of the area is planned to form the basis for the future evolution of the VIENNA DC in the vertical. Apart from additional office buildings, there are also plans for locating and initiating multifaceted entertainment, cultural and leisure time programs here.

The owner of the VIENNA DC and responsible for its overall development is the WED Donau-City Gesellschaft mbH founded in 1991 as the successor company of EXPO AG, with major Austrian banks and insurance companies (UniCredit Bank Austria, Erste Bank, Raiffeisen, BAWAG P.S.K., Österreichische Investitionskredit AG, UNIQA, Wiener Städtische) being its principal shareholders. By now the WED operates under the name of WED Donau-City Gesellschaft mbH and is as WED Holding AG wholly owned by Unicredit Bank Austria AG.

The associated investment volume is approximately 2 billion Euros, making the VIENNA DC the currently largest Austrian real estate development project by far.

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