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The corporate headquarter

The Strabag House was planned by architects Ernst Hoffmann and Franz Janz on behalf of WED and has been used by Bauholding Strabag SE as corporate headquarters since late 2003. Prior to its construction, the property for the future building was sold to Strabag which subsequently erected its headquarters there itself. Apart from office space, this building has a lobby on the ground floor, much available space for business use, a restaurant section as well as an underground car park.

The approximately 50 metre high building with its 14 storeys emerges in the viewer's eye with a 'floating' structural shell 13 metres above the ground. This feature also provided the required space for Donau-City Plaza which is open to the public and where unique so-called 'crystals' for art & culture as well as for event and restaurant purposes were constructed.
The corporate headquarter

VIP Moments
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