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Due to the rapid evolution of this urban area, a master plan for the entire remaining area of the VIENNA DC Donau-City was conceived by French architect Dominique Perrault on behalf of WED AG. In addition to the DC Towers, this plan also envisaged a living and communication space linked to the nearby Danube river. Thomas Jakoubek, chairman of the board of WED AG, points out that "with this project, the city of Vienna continues to pursue its claim to being one of Europe's most prominent and innovative cities not only in the past but also in the future".

The construction of the DC Tower 1 marked the start of the shaping of the hitherto undeveloped core area and the transition zone leading to the New Danube. Upon its completion, this planned high-rise building standing about 220 m tall and encompassing 60 storeys and 93,600 m² gross floor space will not only be Austria's highest office building but undoubtedly also its most spectacular and eminent one thanks to its architectural features.
The challenge: employing state-of-the-art building technology to create an emotional statement for a modern interpretation of Vienna as a business location. This endeavour is not primarily aimed at setting new height records but at creating superbly designed buildings which stand out thanks to their sophisticated design and their superior quality as building objects. Their height is the result of our ambition to preserve the compelling aesthetics of slender towers when giving structural shape to their planned cubic content.

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